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Jesus, This Is Your Prayer • What Scares Me & What I Do About It


Didn't We Have Fun, by Jeff Kunkel and Hilda Robinson


Didn’t We Have Fun!
by Hilda Robinson & Jeff Kunkel
Crickhollow Books • July 2012
Hardcover • $19.95 • 48 pages
Picture Book / African-American Life & Culture

Didn’t We Have Fun! is a vibrant, colorful look at African-American family life and culture, seen through the eyes of a celebrated artist. The text is by Jeff Kunkel, based on interviews with Hilda.

The images of family life, reading, studying, chores, playground games, and neighborhood social events are rich and warmly drawn in a jazzy, impressionistic style.

“Anyone from any background will be able to relate to the celebration of childhood, family nurturing, faith, love and community expressed in this book. You will treasure it for a lifetime.”
– Dr. Terri Renee Jett

Ages 5 and up • $19.95 • ISBN 978-1-933987-17-0


Jesus, This Is Your Life


Jesus, This Is Your Life:
Stories & Pictures by Kids
edited by Jeff Kunkel
Augsburg Fortress Publishers • 2001
hardcover • 48 pages

“My recipe for working with kids: Take any kids who can print and paint, read them a juicy Jesus story, toss in a table full of art supplies, invite a free response, allow to simmer for at least 30 minutes, hang completed work on the wall to cool. Use this recipe with enough kids and stories, and you’ll have the life of Jesus according to kids. In this book, 40 young writers and artists show and tell the life of Jesus as you’ve never seen or heard it before!”

Association of Theological Booksellers “Best Children’s Book of 2001”


Noah, Build Your Boat


Noah, Build Your Boat:
Old Testament Stories & Picture by Kids
edited by Jeff Kunkel
Augsburg Fortress Publishers • 2002
hardcover • 48 pages

“Kunkel introduced Old Testament stories to groups of children aged 5 to 12, who retold the narratives and created drawings or paintings to accompany them.”
School Library Journal

The resulting illustrations the children created were “spontaneous and original,” shedding a fresh and youthful light on an old story.


Jesus, This Is Your Prayer


Jesus, This Is Your Prayer:
The Lord’s Prayer According to Kids
edited by Jeff Kunkel
Augsburg Fortress Publishers • 2004
hardcover • 48 pages

Based on art workshops with youngsters, Kunkel explores how children interpret the importance of and meaning behind the Lord’s Prayer.

Both children and adults will enjoy the delightful responses and come away with new insights.


Whast Scares Me and What I Do About It


What Scares Me
And What I Do About It:
Stories & Pictures by Sunday School Kids
edited by Jeff Kunkel
Augsburg Fortress Publishers • 2003
softcover • 48 pages

In What Scares Me, children share their fears and what they do about them – in their own words and images. This book can help families explore, through faith, prayer, and love, the fears that children face today.


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