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Warming Fires: Stories for All Seasons • Bless Ewe: More Stories for All Seasons


Warming Fires, short stories by Jeff Kunkel


Warming Fires:
Stories for All Seasons
(2nd edition)
by Jeff Kunkel
Crispin Books, 2014
Short Stories • softcover

With an entertaining cast of Midwestern characters – farmers, newlyweds, hunters, ministers, teenagers – this luminescent collection of 16 short stories combines humor, grace, and tender insights.

“We need stories like these to help us make sense out of our lives. . . . These are stories to warm the heart and spirit.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Bless Ewe, short stories by Jeff Kunkel


Bless Ewe:
More Stories for All Seasons
by Jeff Kunkel
Face to Face Books/Midwest Traditions, 2000
Short Stories • hardcover

Did Oscar really see the Madonna perched on his farm outhouse? Is a mortuary really the best place for a teenger to take a first date? Will a Great Lakes schooner captain sailing to his wedding survive the storm of the century – with his beloved on board? Will the young pastor of a conservative congregation win them over – and make the best of a Christmas pageant with an unexpected turn of events?

In ten finely-tuned, fun-to-read short stories, these endearingly Midwestern characters grapple with surprises and struggle to maintain their equilibrium. Maybe all they really need is “just a little lunch.”

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